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Student housing : a profitable investment.

Ideally located, just a few steps away from the campuses of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) and the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Delta Campus offers 102 luxury student rooms with outstanding communal spaces (study room, kitchens, fitness, break out rooms, …). An excellent opportunity to increase your real estate portfolio safely, quickly and profitably.

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Delta Campus Brussels

Why invest?

Brussels has 90,000 students in 5 universities, 12 high schools and 8 art schools. Demand for quality student housing continues to increase year after year.

The Delta Campus student residence benefits from an exceptional location as it is located next to the ULB and VUB university campuses, the largest university site in Brussels. Delta Campus is a defensive investment in your portfolio that ensures a stable income. By investing in student housing at Delta Campus, you will have no operational concerns as you are entrusting us with the full management of the letting and administration aspects. You will benefit from a high net return on your investment, so you can keep your mind at ease.

  • 1.

    Net return above 3%.

    In order to calculate the net return on your investment, simply compare the expected net rental income (less all charges) with your total investment (including all taxes and fees). This net return is bigger than 3%. If you partially finance this acquisition and take into account the medium-term capital gains on the property, your expected profitability will be even higher! Add to this an ideal location, a high demand from students throughout the year and a property which is always in perfect shape, and you will be able to benefit from an attractive net return without any worries.

  • 2.

    Uninterrupted rents thanks to the pooling system.

    A uniform sales policy for the entire student residence is a guarantee of quality at all levels.

    The “rent pooling” system for all the rooms in the residence is a simple mechanism for securing and optimising the rental income on your property. The concept of pooling the net rental income of the entire residence ensures a rental income for each landlord, even if some rooms should remain vacant for a few months.

  • 3.

    No hassle.

    Apart from investing, you will have nothing else to do. Our experts will take care of the rest. You do not have to select potential tenants, write the leases, calculate the charges, inspect the premises or maintain the communal areas or technical facilities of your property. With the help of our on-site concierge, we will take care of everything!

  • 4.

    A Covid-proof product.

    There is no need to recall the multiple health and safety measures that have been imposed for several months following the Covid 19 crisis. If sharing a room or living in a dorm or guesthouse turns out to be increasingly awkward due to the various measures, you can be assured that you will be investing in a Covid-proof product. Delta Campus has 102 individual rooms, each with their own bathroom. Sharing is not possible, just 1 student per room. This will reassure the students as well as their parents.

Activities & facilities

A stone’s throw from the university campus.

A stone’s throw from the university campus.

Delta Campus is ideally located in the immediate vicinity of the ULB and VUB campuses. Most students prefer a room just a stone’s throw from their university.

The hectic life of the student district.

The hectic life of the student district.

Just a short walk away from the residence, student life is in full swing. Cafés, restaurants and shops are all gathered together in the Ixelles cemetery district. Such closeness gives our students a feeling of serenity, as well as comfort.

Transport and communications.

Transport and communications.

The nearby bus and metro lines, as well as the Etterbeek railway station, allow residents to get easily to the residence coming from home, but also enable them to visit most parts of the city. Access to the motorway nearby is an additional advantage.

Eco-friendly and comfortable project.

Eco-friendly and comfortable project.

This property will be an ecological role model, fully in line with the principles of sustainable development and mindful of the future generations. Special attention has been given to thermal insulation, the landscaping of the esplanade and a low-impact mobility. Heating and sanitary hot water are produced by a heat exchanger. Extremely efficient, it allows to self-produce as much energy as possible while minimising its impact on the climate. In addition to being ecological, this offers continuous energy at a stable and advantageous price. In the entrance, an E-box has been provided to receive parcels ordered online.

Invest in the student room of your choice, without worries.

Delta Campus offers the opportunity to choose between 3 types of rooms (fully furnished), designed with quality materials. Thanks to the contemporary design, your acquisition will stand the test of time and attract tenants. All rooms are low in energy consumption and therefore in perfect harmony with the values of the younger generation.

Prices are given for information purposes only and do not include additional fees (registration fees, VAT, deed fees, basic deed, connection fees, etc.).

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